X Factor Results Week 1 Sunday Night Show

Candy Rain were the first casualities of this years live X Factor.  Both Cheryl and Dannii chose to save Rachel with Simon deciding to give them a chance and leave it up to the public. Dermot revealed that the act will the fewest public votes were Candy Rain and the girls looked devastated as they found out they would be the first act to leave.

Week 1 X Factor Saturday Night Show

Well it's been a long wait but the live shows are here at last and what a live show it was last night.  With Dannii in the press today being targeted over her comment about Danyl's sexuality and the debate over whether the fomer pole dancers (Candy Rain) had chosen the right outfits and image, it's caused a real stir.

X Factor judges comments after the show discussed the fact the Cheryl and Simon were bickering and Cheryl argued that Candy Rain had said themselves they wanted to project the right image and move away from their past and with the outfits they chose it wasn't all about the singing.  Cherly commented that she thought Candy Rain should have dressed the same way as Miss Frank.

Dannii was pleased with her girls and her song choices.  In particular she said that Stacey performed well and the audience really enjoyed her performance in the studio.

In terms of star performances Danyl really stood out although he received some negative comments from all of the judges except Simon, referring to Danyl being over confident and that there is a fine line between confidence and cockness.  Other good performances came from Joe from South Shields, Lucy, Olly, Jamie Afro and Lloyd.

Worst perfromance of the night has to go to John and Edward who although gave quite an entertaining performance obviously can't sing.  It's a good job that Louis has Miss Frank in his category this year as they seem to be the best group the X factor has seen for a while despite the fact that they were put together as a group following auditions as solo artists.  Rachel was first up and had a tricky performance singing Let Me Entertain You.  Some have commented that she is vunerable to going home because she was the first performance known as the "Curse of the First".

The results show promises to be a good one not least because Robbie Williams is performing a world exclusive and last year's winner Alexandra Burke is making an apearance too.

X Factor 2009

As X factor 2009 gets underway it looks like it's going to be another exciting year! The bootcamp stage is over and Simon, Dannii, Cheryl and Louis have chosen the final 6 from each category to go to judge's homes.

From there each judge will choose the final three acts for the live shows.  This year is going to prove to be a challenge for Cherly who admits she has never worked with boys before.  And we are in for a treat on next weeks show as Kylie Minogue helps Dannii choose her best 3 girls. 

Simon was chuffed to be given the over 25s category which he thinks is one of the strongest this year.  And poor Louis has been given the hardest task of managing the groups which historically have not performed well on the show.

So watch this space for the latest news from X Factor 2009!

Week 8 X Factor Results

Another shock this week as we say goodbye to Spanish Ruth Lorenzo. It's hard to see why she went at this stage with a voice so good, but it maybe that she just hasn't had the British fans behind her enough to keep her in. Whereas other contestants get regional votes from the places they live, Ruth hasn't had that advantage and has had to rely only on her voice and performances.

Brittney week was always going to be difficult for the guys and JLS and Eoghen stuggled noticeably with the Brittany songs. But to their credit they came back fighting when they had to sing an American classic.

Diana Vickers has gone from doing no wrong to losing favour with the judges. She is being criticised more and more by Louis who complains that she has never danced. In her defence, Cheryl Cole has admitted that Diana is not a dancer and she is not going to put one of her acts on stage feeling uncomfortable. Personally I thought the Brittney song chosen for Diana (Not Yet a Woman) suited her although along with other people I am getting the impression that all is not rosy back stage and she seems to moan a lot.

Other contestants such as Alexandra Burke are relishing their chance to be in the competition and she is proving to be the one to beat as she comes out on stage week after week giving it her all. And she always seems to do amazingly well no matter what is thrown at her. Cheryl must be over the moon to have her in her category and she is looking like a dead cert for the final.

As the semi final approaches I can't wait to see who survives into the final week. Watch this space.

Week 7 X Factor Results

Take That week! How exciting!

Alexandra opened the show with her own version of "Relight My Fire". She really showed a different side to her as she had to perform a big routine as well as sing. Personally she didn't blow me away like she did last week and the song seemed too low for her in parts but the judges don't seem to agree.

Louis Walsh says he wants to see her in the final and says she is the best singer they have had on X Factor since Leona Lewis! Dannii said Alexandra looked nervous and didn't seem to warm up till half way through. The audience booed at this! Simon says Alexandra deserves more credit for her performances and all in all it seems to have been a good night for Alexandra. Will she stay out the bottom two yet again tonight?

Ruth Lorenzo was up next with "Love Ain't Here Anymore". One of Take That's best songs in my view. I am really liking Ruth's outfits recently. She had an amazing dress on last week and this week she is wearing a similar style in black. Louis said he can't fault her performance at all. She turned the song into a soft rock version and it worked. Simon commented that the song choice was amazing and Ruth has put herself back in with a fighting chance. Hopefully Ruth will survive again this week after that.

The fab four JLS were next. Is it a bit easier for them to sing a Take That song with them being a boy band? Or will it be to their disadvantage as they could be compared to Take That and they are big shoes to fill. JLS were singing a Take That classic "A Million Love Songs". The audience seemed to love it but Cheryl and Dannii had some negative comments.

Cheryl missed the chemistry between them. There seemed to have been some misunderstanding between Louis and JLS and they only got their song 48 hours before the show. Dannii has been accused of stealing the song "Rule The World" which JLS wanted to do from the start but Dannii denies this saying the songs are on a rota system. Simon however said that he thought JLS really pulled it together and did a great job. He also said they are the best group they have had in X Factor. Will they survive another week?

Next up was Rachel with the aforementioned alleged stolen song "Rule The World". The judges seemed to think it was a good choice of song and commented that Rachel has soul. Simon thought it was a very very good performance and confirmed that it was Danni's turn for choosing the songs first and she did the right thing by choosing Rule The World and protecting her own act. Dannii seemed very upset about the accusations from Louis.

Diana Vickers took on the recent Take That hit "Patience". Simon said there were some shaky moments in the song but that made it good in a strange way. It was a really good performance overall and she seems to have got her confidence back now. Diana is one of the most contemporary acts in the competition and has an great recording voice so it seems that she is set for success with or without the X Factor.

Eoghen attemped the classic "Never Forget" and it seemed to me that the song was too big for him although the judges disagreed. Maybe it sounded better in the studio. Simon even said it was one of the best performances of the night because it was believable. He said the vocals went off a bit in the middle but he has shown that he is a pop star. Eoghen was nervous about the big notes but just went for them. It was a lively close to the show and it will be interesting to see who makes it though to next week.

Well it's been a long hours wait for the results show. I for one am glued to my seat waiting to see who is going to battle it out in the bottom two. But before that there is a performance from Same Difference! The brother and sister twosome from last year. They have a single coming out this Monday and next week they are even releasing an album called POP. It seems that success has come easily for Sarah and Sean Smith and hopefully X Factor fans will support them and buy the records. Click here to pre-order the Same Difference album released on 1st December 2008.

Rhydian Roberts also made a return appearance and he also has an album coming out soon aptly named Rhydian. Click here to order Rhydian's new album from only £8.98.

And now for the results....

BIG SHOCK - JLS are in the bottom two alongside Rachel.

JLS sing "Stand By Me" to fight for their place in the show finishing the sone by singing stand by JLS. Rachel sings "I'm not leaving without you". Both acts gave it their all but finally the judges made their decisions and it came down to a final decision from Simon Cowell. Simon didn't like to have to say it but he sent Rachel home. So Rachel Hylton leaves the X Factor this week.

Next week it will be the public alone who decides who goes and who stays so the judges will no longer have a say. Your votes will be as important as ever.


Week 6 X Factor Results

It's hard to believe week 6 is here already. Diana is back. She still has those hand gestures going on which have had the public talking, but that's about all that was consistent. Her version of Yellow left a lot to be desired with some bum notes and you could tell that Diana knew this herself from the look on her face after the performance. Cheryl and Diana have both admitted she is not yet 100% so maybe that was why her performance was not up to her usual standards?

And the big news.....Daniel has gone. He has been on borrowed time for a good few weeks now and many people are saying that the public made the right decision this week. The sympathy votes have come to an end and Daniel is the latest contestant to be voted off the show. But all credit to him, he seems like a really nice guy with a decent voice and hopefully he will be able to do something with his talent in the future.

Ruth Lorenzo was stunned to learn that she was not in the bottom two this week. She sang Angels really well and was one of the best acts of the night. Although the stage setting was a little bizarre and ended up with two dancers wrapping material around ruth to create a pair of angel wings at the end of the song. Brian has really gone to town with the stage sets this year much to Simon's annoyance.

JLS seem to be doing no wrong and their medley of Beatles songs went down a storm with the audience. Dannii thought they should be doing something more suited to them and didn't think JLS would listen to the Beatles on their own i pods but they argued back that it was the history of music week and that is why they chose the Beatles - one of greatest bands in history, if not the greatest.

Little Irish Eoghan seems to be holding his ground in the competition too. Every week he has a difficult song and yet he seems to sing it perfectly without missing a note. But people have been asking whether there is something lacking. Does he have the X Factor? This remains to be seen.

Now that 2 of the best acts, Austin and Laura have gone the competition is wide open and it will be exciting to see who the public vote for next Saturday night. Join me to find out!

Week 5 X Factor Results

Ok so last week has been the biggest shock this series as viewers saw favourite Laura White receiving the least number of votes and in the bottom 2 with Ruth. After both acts sang their hearts out Ruth's version of Knocking on Heaven's Door won through and the judges voted to keep her in.

Reportedly over 50,000 fans have signed a petition to have Laura reinstated on the show but the latest from ITV suggests this is not going to happen. ITV have released the following statement:-

Laura White Statement

There were absolutely no issues with the phone lines or the voting system which is subject to rigorous procedures and protocols. Our viewers vote for the act they want to keep in the competition and last Saturday, Laura White and Ruth Lorenzo received the least number of votes. There are no plans to bring Laura back to The X Factor.

And amidst all of this Diana Vickers is in the firing line from some X Factor fans as she couldn't perform on Saturday due to health issues with her throat but was filmed shouting and screaming on the bonfire night clip during the week. Specialists have confirmed on last weeks Xtra Factor that Diana should be up to singing this week.

Out of all of the other acts a few have now found their confidence with Irish Eoghen continuing to impress the judges. And acts that have previously been in the bottom two like Rachel and Daniel, now seem to have found favour with the public and have remained out of the dreaded bottom two slots recently.

And so it remains to be seen how the public vote this coming Saturday. But if recent events are anything to go by then we can take nothing for granted.

Week 4 X Factor Results

Well what a night week 4 of X Factor 2008 turned out to be! From disco divas to disco dollys the night was all about the era of Disco. The outfits were spangly and the contestants were as nervous as ever.

Some contestants shone through like Diana Vickers of Blackburn who seems to have a knack of making any era song sound new and contemporary. Her version of the blondie classic was amazing and really suited her voice. As always, Cheryl had styled her perfectly too.

JLS were told by the judges that it was their best performance so far and they certainly seemed to enjoy it. They gave one of the band members the lead singer role with the other 3 as backing singers and it really worked. Their disco rendition of Working My Way back To You Babe was fantastic.

But other contestants did not fare quite so well including Rachel Hylton who seemed to have failed on her song choice again, and Austin Drage who although he sang really well did not seem to connect with the audience. Daniel Evans was also criticized by the judges especially Louis walsh who confirmed he hated everything about the performance. But this came as no surprise as Louis has not been a fan of Daniel's from the start. There was some hope after he saved him last week but Louis has said he has still not won him round. But the public seemed to think differently this week and Daniel wasn't in the bottom two.

Contestants that weren't as lucky as Daniel were Austin and Rachel. They were in the bottom two and they both looked devastated. Although Austin seemed to be the best singer on the night the judges (apart from Simon) saved Rachel saying that in their opinion she has more to give to the show. So this week we said goodbye to one of Simon Cowell's acts, Austin Drage.

Rachel sang No More Drama by Mary J Blige which is one of her favourite songs. It seemed to do the trick and now she has to pull out all the stops to keep going in the show and deliver a winning performance next week.

In my opinion Austin didn't deserve to go at this stage and has not had enough credit for the brilliant performances he has given.

Week 3 X Factor Results

Week 3 was Big Band night and I have to say that the band were absolutely brilliant. For some contestants the band overshadowed them but for most it was a great night. The judges gave a number of standing ovations to the contestants (possibly a record) and most of the contestants seemed thrilled with the judges comments.

Contestants that stood out for me during the Big Band week were Diana who did a fantastic job and also Eoghen Quigg who showed a completely different side to him showing off his cheeky character and the fact that he can perform and not just sing ballards. Alexandra also did an excellent version of Candyman.

Contestants who struggled in my opinion were JLS and Daniel. Surprisingly Scott was in the bottom 2 and after Daniel moved the judges with his final song they all chose to save him rather than former Pontins performer, Scott Bruton. So it was a gutted Scott who left X Factor and it remains to be seen whether he can continue a music career. As Simon has pointed out he is still very young and so there is still a chance for him to make a name for himself in the future.

Week 2 X Factor Results

Well after another exciting week we unfortunately had to say goodbye to Girlband. This was somewhat predictable according to some sources and also because they were in the bottom 2 last week. I don't know why but girl bands don't seem to fare well in the X factor talent show and Bad Lashes and Girlband have both been casualties of this theory.

Bad Lashes have been reported to have blamed Louis for their departure saying that he concentrated on his boy band JLS. But now lets hope he has spent enough of his time on them as they are his only hope of winning X Factor 2008. And the JLS boys do seem to have generated a bit of a buzz amongst the public.

Moving on to next week - Big Band. This always proves to be an interesting one with some of the contestants taking it in their stride and others really struggling. Who will be in the bottom 2 and ultimately leave the competition next week? Stay tuned!

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